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Day 150

Jun. 22nd, 2012 12:34 am
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[meanwhile, in the forest, Hisoka is flopped on a bed in an old cabin with his book]

...hey, how many days have passed?
37: Amakusa road trip with Hijiri, except oh Tsuzuki might be demon possessed ok; testing him. (Devil's Trill 3)

38: The entire stupid archery contest (Archery Contest 1-2)

/not bothering uploading
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Hisoka's heartgame writeup! Game was here. Players were: Lloyd, Tsuzuki, Ginshu, Bonten, Roxas, Mark, and Shirley.

Prep-work, pre-planning, and technical notes )

Heart Walkthrough )

All in all, a very cathartic and reassuring game for Hisoka!
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Getting held trial in front of the Tengu; Kotaro taking the blame despite his wishes, getting cast out and forbidden to spend time among the Tengu.

Because of you )

Form: Butter cracker
Shareable: No
Taken: Yes, offscreen
The art of throwing up invisible walls.
Watching Kijin and Sohryuu together as they prepare for war, wishing he had ever had a father's gentle strength; speaking after with Sohryu (Vol 12, ch 62)

I'm not that scared little boy anymore )

Form: Tea bag
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Taken: Yes, offscreen
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Skill: Aikido - trained as the heir to the Kurosaki family
Some basic self-defense! Not incredibly skilled because he was learning as a family duty rather than out of any particular drive to be a master, but still with some skill, since he was probably learning it for at least 5-10 years.

Not that he is ever allowed to demonstrate martial skills in the manga ever, we're just told he has them. Matsushita, really.

Earned Day 101
Form: Chocolate puzzle piece
Taken: No

Memory: Trying to save Tsuzuki from suicide and, when it looks like he can't, deciding to die with him because staying with him is better than living for just revenge; when they survive, deciding to live for revenge so he can move past it and just live with Tsuzuki

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Earned day 102
Form: Flask
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Memory 32: Saving the hotel through fortuneteller cosplay (Vol 6, Ch 2-4)

This chapter, plus the two after.

Earned Day 96
Form: Party Blower
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Taken: Yes

Memory 33: Hung over and investigating the Maria Wong case with Tsuzuki
From here to the end of the chapter.

Earned Day 97
Form: Sugar rose
Shareable: N
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Taken: Yes
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Going on a job with Tsuzuki to end a girl's life who is living past her time, and only able to observe as Tsuzuki falls in love with her first (The Last Waltz)

This chapter

Earned Day 94
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Walking out while covered with burns and half his face missing to try to heal Kojiro, who got injured on his behalf, deliriously believing he can do it despite no previous ability to heal. But uh it works and everyone's pretty happy about that. Except Hisoka who still feels guilty. Hugs!!

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ow my skin and muscle

Earned Day 88
Form: Apple wine
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Taken: Yes
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The first murder on the Queen Camellia (King of Swords 1)

Images behind cut )

- I can be a huge jerk sometimes oh my god :X
- Tarot cards??
- Well that's gross.

Earned Day 87
Form: Gold necklace
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Muraki tying him to a bed with human hair, tormenting him a bit, then Tsuzuki rushing to his rescue and the two of them getting out of it (Nagasaki Ch. 3)

Starting here.

- Tied to a vertical bed and slowly bleeding out because his bonds are razor-sharp enchanted hair of a murdered girl.
- Torture includes having major bones broken and all the marrow removed so Muraki can watch his regenerative skills
- Muraki removed the memory block on his rape/murder here.
- Told his method of death was because too fast a death would be an insult to someone as beautiful as him
- Told that he was secretly stalked by Muraki for the three years he died so Muraki could get his jollies.
- Kinda passes out, wakes up to see Tsuzuki and Muraki fighting. Helps protect some vampire girl.
- And then Tsuzuki got a hole blown in his spine (along with half his back) so he could protect Hisoka
- And then Tsuzuki and Hisoka used Hisoka's empathy to switch bodies, sticking Hisoka in the shattered spine body to work on healing it while Tsuzuki took out Muraki (COULD YOU MAYBE HAVE CALLED SUZAKU SOONER, TSUZUKI??? IDK LIKE BEFORE YOUR BACK GOT BLOWN UP??)
- But hey they got out of it okay! Not that Hisoka knows at the time. Because he passes out after using his healing factor on Tsuzuki's back and Tsuzuki hauls him home.


Earned day 86
Form: Ring
Shareable: No
Taken: No
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General low-level academic skills approx high school level (basic math and science)

Yep, that is what it is. (general literary knowledge is a different skill, alas...)
Muraki raping and cursing him (Nagasaki Ch. 3; additional details in a dream in King of Swords 4)

Obviously trigger warnings.

Reference pages behind cut )

Additional note on this -- Whenever Hisoka has Muraki-related flashbacks, nightmares, trauma etc red curse lines will appear on his body. They don't show up on the hands, face, or neck, so they won't be visible if he's clothed, but if he's got his shirt off and is having Issues relating to Muraki they'll fade into visibility, basically. They don't do anything other than show up, though. (Actually using them to cause pain would be MURAKI'S skill.)

Earned day 83
Form: Bracelet of white-gold.
Shareable: Yes (2 total, one for you, one for someone else)
Shared with: N/a
Taken: Yes
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Wow is this like. Character balance or something /unsure.
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[So Hisoka and Tsuzuki invade Sterling and find a private room. WHAT MAGIC WILL HAPPEN.]

S-slow down a little, Tsuzuki, you're pulling!
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The homoerotic boys' school murders and Tsuzuki's saaaaaaaaadness

This chapter and the one after.

-Finally, an actual case
- wow what is with all the gender and sexuality issues in this pair of chapters seriously
- What is with all the (threats of) sexual violence in my life?!
- Tsuzuki is a moron don't invite me to go sleep with you like that!!
- Apparently Tsuzuki is popular in Hell.
- Got to be a little cool and protect Tsuzuki yeaaaaaaah.
- Tsuzuki vs self-hate vs me trying to yell sense into him :(

Earned Day 83
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Form: Bitter candy
Taken: Yes
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Muraki's "Murder" and the resulting conversation with Tsubaki (King of Swords 2-3)

Images behind cut )

:| Feelings.

Earned Day 79
Form: Snowman figurine
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Shared: N/a
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Tsuzuki getting trapped in the book, Hisoka reading it and hearing Tatsumi's backstory (the entirety of vol 5, as it is just a stupid AU about Tsuzuki inside a choose your own adventure story.)

Just what it says. Other than Tatsumi's backstory, it is entirely Tsuzuki somehow getting himself stuck in a book where the Count was writing a twisted romance story starring himself and girl Tsuzuki. OH NO HE IS TRAPPED FOREVER Or until Watari draws him free. I can't believe this was an entire volume of canon, guys. The volume can be found here for those who want to see Tsuzuki hitting on his alternate fanfictional female self because she reminds him of his sister.

Earned Day 76
Shareable: No
Form: Strawberry tart
Taken: Yes
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